Corporate Finance

Guiding you throughout the life of your business

At each stage of the business life cycle you need to ensure that the right advice and support is available to you. Our corporate finance services help you to grow your business, obtain any grant support for which it might qualify, and raise funds to finance acquisitions or other expansion. We can help you to create the right business structure for any proposed deal, support you through complicated negotiations, and ultimately help you to sell your business.

Business Start-Ups

At the start of any new business the key issue is ensuring that the business has adequate resources. If starved of sufficient cash in the early stages, the business will be unlikely to survive. However, in order to gain access to these funds you will need to show that your proposed business is viable. This will invariably require a business plan to be put together with accompanying cash flow projections. A well thought out and presented business plan will be a great help in securing the funding that you need, while a poor plan can make you and your plans look too risky. Don’t take the risk - let us help you to present your ideas and your experience in the best way.

Support for Expansion

As your business grows new opportunities will present themselves. Successful businesses evaluate these opportunities and grab those that look most promising. However, as with business start-ups, most opportunities require some form of additional finance. Our experience is often vital in knowing where to go for the backing that will be needed. Don’t let great opportunities pass - talk to us as soon as they arise.

Help with Grant Applications

It is often said that if something looks too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true! However, one exception to this rule is grants.

  • The South Wales area qualifies for grant aid.
  • We work closely with WAG and its peripheral organisations.

We can help you to identify grants for which you might be eligible, guide you through the process of applying for those grants and help prove that you do qualify.

Growing Through Acquisitions and MBO

If you are looking to grow by acquiring other businesses then once again we are able to help you at each stage. We can work with you to identify suitable target firms, help you with the negotiations and the structure of the deal, and carry out the investigation to ensure that you are indeed getting what you thought you were getting.

Further to this, we have assisted the management teams of businesses to raise the funds and allow them to purchase the business they are operating from the current owners.

Succession Planning

There are normally only two main reasons for building up your own business - to pass it on to your family or to sell it to finance your next business or your retirement. Whatever your motive, one thing is for sure - you won’t be running your business forever. If the business is to survive you, then you need to plan ahead. We can discuss the various options with you, and help you to put those plans into action.

So, from start to finish, we are there to guide you and help you to turn your dreams and ambitions for your business into reality.

Track Record

We have an excellent track record with all of the activities detailed above. Contact us if you would like to discuss any of these options.

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